Same Day Crown


Oral care is important for every age group, no matter if you are a teenager or above 40 adults you should take care of your oral health. If we do not brush and floss our teeth properly, we might end up in trouble. Lack of proper oral care can cause many issues such as cavities, bleeding from gums, swelling, or cracked teeth. What happens if your tooth is cracked and you have an emergency meeting or a wedding to attend? Would any dentist be able to fix the problem for you? We do not know about others but we can do it for you. We have highly skilled dentists who are experts in providing emergency treatments in a relaxed environment. This emergency treatment is called the same-day crown. There was a time when a patient has to come multiple times to the clinic for a dental crown. Those days are long gone, now technology is more advanced and you can get instant treatment for a chipped tooth, which is called the same-day crown. The treatment is simple and painless; it offers many advantages, which are mentioned below


A repaired teeth in the same day is advantageous but it has further advantages which are mentioned below:


A broken tooth adversely affects appearance and smile moreover, it affects our speech patterns and eating habits as well. Therefore, restoration of all the above functions is necessary and we are happy to inform you that we can do it for you. Our experienced dentist will perform a simple and painless process that will help you to restore the chewing, biting, and speaking functions within a day. Additionally, the crown is reliable and we will ensure that you are not dealing with a weak temporary crown.


Our patients must know that a temporary crown is not an option neither it is a long-term solution. The biggest drawback of the temporary crown is that these crowns lose quickly. Moreover, the sudden loss of the crown might injure neighbouring teeth. We care for our patients more than anything does and we know what the best solution is. Therefore, we suggest a same-day crown to everyone who walks over. Our experienced dentist performs the same-day crown in such a way that it requires less drilling and proves to be the best solution for the long term.


These days technology can do anything and so as the dentists can. Thankfully, the advancement in technology enables the dentist to use CAD/CAM feature and creates a perfect crown fit for the patients. However, initially, our dentist takes a high digital impression of the impacted area to prepare an accurate crown, which might not cause any problems in the future.


We are well aware of the fact that our patients work hard to earn life hood. Therefore, we always suggest the most friendly and cost-effective oral treatments. Our same-day crown is also a simple treatment, which is cost-effective and does not require multiple clinic visits.

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Emergency Dental Care


Here at kadridental clinic we welcome everyone with a positive attitude and offer our patients a secure and friendly environment. We work hard to help our patients by providing smart medical treatments and quick home remedies in case a visit to the clinic is not possible. Everyone knows that sometimes emergencies occur so quickly that nobody can find proper solutions. There was a time when COVID-19 outreached and medical facilities were forced to shut down and reduce the number of patients to prevent Coronavirus. Many patients were impacted adversely as they did not receive proper oral care. Therefore, we had decided to serve our patients in every possible way. We have brought some home remedies for our patients so they can get benefit from emergency dental care.

Below are some emergencies and their treatment in case if any individual cannot visit the clinic right away


Teeth pain was never a good sigh nether it is now, pain in teeth might be an indicator of numerous problems, which include toothache and tooth decay. Our patients should know that toothache can be treated at home in certain cases. If you are feeling a problem like this, you should not apply traditional techniques, which include the use of aspirins or painkillers. These tablets may contact your jaw and result in burning your tissues. The smart thing to do is apply a cold compress to the outer side of your cheek


If you chew hard candies or try to bite ice at the house, you might end up in severe pain. The pain might be due to broken or chipped teeth, nothing is worst in this world than chipped or broken teeth. If you are suffering from the same situation, immediately rinse your mouth with warm water and place a piece of gauze on the impacted area. Then apply a cold compress to the nearest area of the chipped or broken tooth to reduce the pain and swelling. If you think the technique is not doing any good, you can coordinate with us. We are available and happy to help you anytime.


Treatment for chipped and broken teeth is the same for a knocked-out tooth. Pick the tooth up by the crown and start rinsing it with warm water if the area is dirty. Moreover, do not try to remove or scrub the tissue fragments. If you are trying to put your teeth back in the socket, do not try hard, it will cause pain. If you cannot reinstall your tooth, place it into milk or water. It will stay in its original decision and our dentist could easily place it again without any problems.


Fillings help bring back teeth to the normal position. When filling breaks, you need to apply precautionary measures to avoid further damage. Place your filling in a zip-zap bag and carry bring it to us. So we can examine the situation and reply to it back into your teeth.

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Emergency Dental


The biggest advantage is saving jawbone deterioration. Once a tooth is removed from the mouth, the body begins to break down the bone where the tooth no longer exists. The more teeth that are missing the more bone that is broken down. Your body believes the bone is no longer needed because it isn’t supporting a tooth. Eventually this results in shrinking of the jawbone which leads to facial collapse around the mouth. With dental implants jawbone shrinkage can be stopped and restored. The bone will recognize it is needed to support the implant and bond to the titanium post.

Dental implants costs vary due to multiple factors. What is the current state of your gum tissue and bone? How many implants are needed? How many appointments are necessary? The list goes on… Each patient will differ in desired aesthetics and required work needed to obtain this look. A treatment plan will then be laid out during your consultation. This will include the procedure(s) necessary and an estimated cost.


Nothing is as good as your natural teeth, but dental implants can come close. Implants have been used for many years to replace missing teeth. The base of an implant is a screw made of titanium and other materials that are secured to the jaw bone. A dental crown takes the place of a natural tooth and is secured to the top of the implant. Dr. Richard Lam’s highly trained and compassionate team at Refine Dentistry may provide you with a dental solution that will change your life forever.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal


If you want to remove your wisdom teeth due to pain and irritation, we are there for you. We have the finest team of dentists who are skilled enough to perform a wisdom teeth removal surgery in the most friendly and secure department. We aim to provide the best medical treatment to our customers and their families. We have expertise in complex medical procedures like teeth whitening, dental implants, and wisdom teeth removal. Moreover, our expert oral surgeons are fully equipped with knowledge and experience to advise you about how you should take care of your oral health.


We are on a mission to offer high-quality treatment and educate our customers about oral problems. The question here is why wisdom teeth need to be removed. Many individuals are not aware of wisdom teeth as well. Wisdom teeth are a set of teeth that usually appear in your mouth at the age of 17-21. Usually, these teeth are spotted with the help of x-rays. There are multiple reasons for wisdom teeth removal

● They are impacted

● They appear in the wrong Angle

● Individual have cavities

● There is not enough space in the mouth to accommodate Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth that appear in the mouth, it happens at certain times when the mouth does not have enough space to accommodate them. That is the reason; wisdom teeth do not appear inappropriate positions and cause pain. In some cases, wisdom teeth may not appear full due to another tooth is covered by the gum. Therefore, a mixture of these problems, which include partially erupted teeth, might create trouble. We have observed many cases in which our patient did not know their wisdom teeth was occurring. It has been revealed that some patients do not have any symptoms of wisdom teeth growth. However, there might be a serious problem while developing wisdom teeth and you may not know it. Our valuable customers should know that wisdom teeth, which do not grow properly, might develop the risk of decayed teeth.


We do not recommend any treatment to our honorable patients without proper examination. However, if the wisdom teeth are not grown appropriately, the patient might suffer unbearable pain and irritation. In such cases, our team examines the teeth and recommends wisdom teeth removal. All the available options are discussed with patients, suggests once the removal and they are free to choose as per their connivance.


We are always there for our honourable patients to offer a simple and painless treatment, some treatment causes a bit of pain even after the surgery. Similarly, when a patient undergoes a wisdom tooth recovery procedure he might feel pain for few days. The pain might occur until 3 days after the surgery. Sometimes it may take 2 weeks to get complete recovery from the pain. We also advise

our patients on how to take precautionary measures after the wisdom teeth removal recovery to prevent maximum issues.

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Cosmetic Dentistry


No worries we have the best cosmetic dentistry treatment for you that will bring back your smile. Our expert cosmetic dentist is highly skilled and equipped with modern dentistry techniques. We know very well how to focus on your mouth, gums, and your overall smile.


  • Teeth whitening
  • Veneers
  • Fillings
  • Dental Implants

Cosmetic Dentistry is becoming very popular within the industry. Although it is not a mandatory procedure it is the modern solution for having a bright and shiny smile.


Our cosmetic dentists are qualified and experts in a wide range of cosmetic procedures ranging from minor fixes to complex surgeries. Here are the few cosmetic procedures which we are pleased to offer


Teeth whitening is the most basic cosmetic treatment and the least expensive as well. Our valuable customers should know that over time teeth become stained due to eating sugary food, drinking alcoholic and sugary beverages, and other habits like frequent smoking. This is the only reason people turn their focus towards teeth whitening. Our modern yet simple teeth whitening procedures include teeth cleaning from plaque and tartar to create a shiny smile. However, customers are also suggested to use highly recommended products such as toothpaste, do regular rinses with mouthwashes.


Dental veneers are quite thin these are white shells produced with medical-grade porcelain or ceramic. moreover, they are custom made to match natural teeth. Our skilled dentist performs this procedure in a relaxed atmosphere with full confidence. As we aim to provide modern oral care with advanced instruments in a friendly environment.

Our systematic dental veneers procedure includes the removal of enamel from the surface of the tooth to allow the shells to be bonded to the front of the teeth. Our high-quality dental veneers procedure eliminates many issues such as damaged enamel, crooked teeth, and unnecessary gaps between teeth. We have a highly skilled medical team who is qualified and knows well, how to offer advanced treatment. Our experts can do a lot more in the cosmetic department which includes composite bonding Inlays and Onlays to make sure that our patient does not leave empty once he/she walks in the facility. Below is what we do at composite bonding and inlays and Onlays.


We take pride in repairing your decayed, damaged, or discolored teeth in a friendly atmosphere. The process is not complex as first, we will drill out your teeth and then apply composite bonding into the surface of your tooth. Then we sculpt the teeth into the correct shape before hitting them with high-intensity light which is known as bonding.


The procedure is also called fillings, we use it for our patients who are suffering from mild to moderate decay, incomplete tooth structure to support the filling. Our expert medical team inserts the inlays onto the tooth surface. If the cusp of a more significant portion is damaged, Onlay is used to get the job done.

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Family Dentistry


At Kadri Dental clinic we are well-known for providing professional dental care services in a relaxed environment. Our team of expert and dedicated professionals are equipped with the latest techniques to offer you a smart solution for your oral problems.

We are committed to providing state-of-the-art family dentistry services to our patients. We take pride in serving our customers and guiding them through the way. We are pleased to let you know that Kadri Dental clinic offers oral care to all age groups which includes Infants, children Adults, etc.


Our vast portfolio of services includes

  • Dental checkups
  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Detailed Examination
  • Fillings
  • x-rays
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Sealants
  • Sedation Dentistry
  • Restorative Dentistry
  • Cosmetic Dentistry

Let us tell you that Oral care is very important for your overall health. If you are not brushing and flossing your teeth frequently, you might get caught by cavities, tooth decay and etc.

Regular dental check-ups can keep your teeth safe and healthy. Your teeth need cleaning every 5-6 months to prevent unforeseen issues like tooth pain, swelling, and blood from your gums. You must visit yourself and bring your children for a regular check-up to check whether your teeth need any treatment or they will be fine with just Cleaning. Oral problems such as gum diseases are often observed in adults, and they need instant teeth cleaning or gum flap surgery, or sometimes the problem requires the use of an anti-biotic. We have a well-structured patient treatment program in which the whole patient data record is saved to ensure that he receives great treatment and advice about how to take care of his oral health while staying at home.


We are not just a dental clinic; we are a trusted dentistry service provider. Our aim is to help families other than individuals. We have qualified staff who had received years of education and training in providing the best oral treatment to adults and parents. We are experts in what we do and fully capable of providing treatment to 3 years old kids and adults. Here we have a comfortable

and relaxed environment where families can come and explain their problems in a friendly atmosphere.


We not just only treat our patients, instead, we believe in building a strong bond with our customers so they do not hesitate to come again and share their issues. We strive hard to offer the best advice to our customers to maintain their oral health.


Kadri Dental advises its honorable customers to choose their eating and drinking habits wisely.

Why do eating habits matter? Your oral health relies on what you eat and drink throughout the day. Maybe your teeth are sensitive to hot and cold, may excess use of sugar or skim my drinks cause cavity in your pain and you end up suffering. Being a well-known institute in the dentistry department, our moral responsibility is to aware our valuable customers of the possible outcomes of unnecessary eating and drinking habits.

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Dentistry has evolved over time and now dental procedures are on another level. These days’ modern techniques of dental treatment have been introduced and we are well aware of that. We at kadridental clinic have highly skilled and experienced professionals who are ready to offer a wide range of treatments from dental cleaning to adjustment of your teeth in a straightway. Our expertise includes teeth cleaning, dental implant, cosmetic dentistry, Clear Aligners as well.


Clear aligners are orthodontic devices that are transparent plastic, a form of braces that use the adjust teeth position. Over time, technology has revolutionized and so has the dentistry department. Dental treatment is now more advanced and highly sophisticated. Today clear aligners are available in their most moderate form as compare to the past.

Clear aligners are special as they can be removed quite easily while eating or talking to anyone. We suggest these to every patient who has issues in their teeth position. There are multiple reasons we suggest our patients use clear aligners to straighten their teeth. The aligners are comfortable as compare to metal braces. Moreover, our skilled dentists will advise you for dental checkups to see the difference in your teeth’ position. Our aligners treatment consists of series of checkups. The check-up duration might go up to Nine months. Clear Aligners are the best solution for over lovely customers who don’t want to wear the metal braces but still want to straighten their teeth.


Our skilled and professional medical staff is experienced enough to offer flawless medical treatment. We suggest clear aligners to our patients as aligners make your teeth straight. Once your teeth are straight, you will feel a lot better and start enjoying your smile. Moreover, once our skilled dentist will fix aligners in your teeth, you will experience fewer bacteria due to the filled gap between your teeth. If you maintain your oral hygiene the risk of tooth decay will be lower. Additionally, you will stay safe from periodontal diseases and you will have better support from your gums. Once you have aligners, you will get rid of many diseases which include chipped teeth, breaking of the tooth.


Kadridental clinic cares for its patients and always strives hard to offer reliable medical treatment. Our skilled dentists have worked day and night to find smart dental solutions. When it comes to teeth aligning, we suggested our patients go for aligners as compared to teeth metal braces because of multiple reasons. The main reason for using aligners is that aligners free you from the worry of how your mouth will look when you stand in a gathering. Aligners are almost invisible as they are plastic transparent devices. Therefore, nobody could judge easily that you are using clear aligners in your teeth. However, you have metal braces, everyone can clearly see it. Aligners are removable easily and you do not have to worry about extra maintenance of doctor visits.

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Teeth Cleaning


Kadridental clinic is on a mission to spread the message of maintaining oral health. Here we are striving hard to provide the best medical treatment and suggestions which are necessary for our beloved patients. We have multiple treatment facilities and skilled dentists in every department. We also advise our customers to maintain oral health by regular brushing and flossing. No matters if you are a teenager or an adult, you must know that teeth cleaning is compulsory or else plaque and bacteria will get into your teeth and you will face a lot of difficulties. We have experienced professional dentists who perform this simple and painless treatment to offer our customers a bright and shiny smile. Teeth cleaning is important and is suggested every six months.

Below are our teeth cleaning process explained which is done in the observation of high qualified and competent dentists.


Our medical team includes experienced and skilled hygienists. Once you enter our medical facility, we do not suggest treatment without any examination. Therefore, the first stage of the teeth whitening process includes a physical examination. The examination is compulsory to check for signs of inflamed gums. If the hygienist finds any issue, he recommends teeth cleaning.


A small mirror is used to check the exact area of the problem in the jaw. Once the issue is detected, the scaler is used by our dentist to remove the harmful tartar and bacteria. Our dentist will do a bit of scrapping to remove the bacteria inside your mouth. Our patients should know that regular brushing can help in reducing the plaque building and turning it into hard tartar.


Once your teeth cleaning process is performed, our hygienist will use a high-powered electric brush that makes a grinding noise. The purpose is to deep clean your teeth and makes sure that no tartar is left behind. Several kinds of toothpaste are available for teeth cleaning but many of them smell like regular toothpaste. Therefore, you can choose the flavors as per your requirements. Moreover, you should not use the gritty brush at home as it might damage your enamel and you will end up badly. Always call us if you need teeth cleaning, we will do it perfectly to make sure that you have clean teeth and a shiny smile.


Whether you do regular flossing at home or not but nothing beats flossing done by our medical experts at the kadridental clinic. Our dentist does more than just regular flossing. They dig deep into the teeth’ surface to find the hidden tartar and bacteria. If you are doing flossing at home, it’s good. Do visit your dentist every six months for detailed teeth clearing and stay safe to enjoy a shiny smile.

Our treatment processes are always modern and painless. Moreover, you must know that teeth cleaning requires regular rinsing with water. We always suggest our customers do rinsing with a fluoride liquid. After all, we are here to help our customers to get rid of dental issues presently.

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Teeth Whitening


Everybody wants to have a bright and shiny smile. But many people cannot enjoy a confident smile due to several reasons which include dull or yellow teeth. The question here is how do our teeth become yellow or dull over time? Numerous factors can make our teeth yellow. We want our patients to know that certain food can stain the enamel and it is the outermost layer of your teeth. In addition to that plaque buildup can also cause the teeth to look yellow. Therefore, we advise proper oral care which includes brushing and flossing regularly.

We have a skilled and experienced medical team who are well-aware of the modern-day treatment process. Our experienced dentists are confident and always ready to help the patients to achieve a shiny smile. We know that sometimes a visit to the clinic is not possible therefore, we have brought some home remedies for our patients which are vital and helpful in getting rid of yellow teeth.

Below are the highly recommended ways for teeth whitening


We always welcome our patients and we take pride in helping them with our qualified dentists and modern equipment. Still, if you cannot make it to the clinic, no worries! We are here to make sure that you get proper treatment for your teeth whitening without coming to us. Therefore, we suggest oil pulling, the practice involves oil swishing inside the mouth to remove bacteria which turns into plaque and result in yellow teeth. You can use sunflower oil for the purpose but if you taste conscious, coconut oil will be the best option to serve the purpose. If the problem is not solving, you can coordinate with us at any time. Our competent dentists are always willing to help you.


If you have ever heard of baking soda then you have the right to know that baking soda contains some teeth whitening properties that are reasons it is popular in certain toothpaste. The baking soda forms an environment inside your mouth that prevents the growth of bacteria. Our patients must remember that baking soda will not offer sparkling shine overnight. You have to be patient and wait for some time but you will see a noticeable change when you start using baking soda. The authentic use of baking soda involved a mixture of 1 spoon of soda with 2 spoons of water and then start bruising with the paste.


Many of us have heard that a diet that contains fruits and vegetables is advantageous for overall body health. Few of us are aware that it is also beneficial for oral health. There are many crunchy raw fruits and vegetables which will remove the plaque and bacteria from your teeth as long as you chew them. Moreover, you can also use strawberries and pineapples to have a white shiny bright smile. In case you are not achieving the desired result visit our medical facility to get the advanced treatment to achieve what you have been looking for.

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Dental Implants


Looking for a tooth replacement? Don’t worry! We are always there for you. Kadridental medical facility is well known due to its customer-friendly services and diversified medical treatment facilities. We know very well about your problems and how to fix them forever. If you need a dental implant, we will do it for you in highly advanced medical care. Our team of medical experts has all the skills and knowledge to serve you in the best possible way. Let us tell you when you need a dental implant.


A dental implant is used to replace a tooth, if you have several teeth missing, no worries! We are happy to help you in this regard. Our goal is to restore the functions of your natural teeth. There are many options when it comes to teeth replacement. Why we suggest dental implants, has many reasons. A dental implant is long term solution to your missing or cracked tooth problem. Moreover, it fits naturally in your teeth and nobody can understand easily that you are having a dental implant.


A dental plant has two procedures and we are happy to inform you that we are offering both of them to serve our valued patients. The dental implant procedures include endosteal and sub periosteal. Our expert medical team is fully capable to perform both of them with confidence. The difference between both processes is endostea refers to the implant inside the bone and the sub periosteal process incudes implant on top of the jawbone inside the gum tissue.


Well, a dental implant has a primary purpose to serve which is teeth replacement. We know that dental implants can be useful in many areas. Moreover, we will be pleased to inform our customers that a dental implant can even support a removable denture and offers a secure and comfortable fit. Moreover, we have a dedicated team to assist you with mini-implants. Wharf are mini-implants? The mini-implants are temporary devices that are applied to the teeth until the actual implants are prepared in the lab. These mini-implants are removed once the job is done.

If you have lost more than one teeth, you can come to us. We are always ready to serve our customers in the best possible way. Our skilled medical staff knows how to place multiple teeth implants to solve your problems. Our medical team is experienced and qualified enough to bring out the best solution for you. We offer a friendly environment for our patients and family where they can share their problems without any hesitation.

The implant is our specialty and we do it with great care. If you have few teeth missed? Don’t worry! We will fix it for you with all 4 techniques. The technique we use contains 4 implants to accommodate your upper or lower jaw where your teeth are broken, chipped, or dropped. Once our patient enters the facility, we welcome him/her with our state-of-the-art treatment procedures.

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