The biggest advantage is saving jawbone deterioration. Once a tooth is removed from the mouth, the body begins to break down the bone where the tooth no longer exists. The more teeth that are missing the more bone that is broken down. Your body believes the bone is no longer needed because it isn’t supporting a tooth. Eventually this results in shrinking of the jawbone which leads to facial collapse around the mouth. With dental implants jawbone shrinkage can be stopped and restored. The bone will recognize it is needed to support the implant and bond to the titanium post.

Dental implants costs vary due to multiple factors. What is the current state of your gum tissue and bone? How many implants are needed? How many appointments are necessary? The list goes on… Each patient will differ in desired aesthetics and required work needed to obtain this look. A treatment plan will then be laid out during your consultation. This will include the procedure(s) necessary and an estimated cost.


Nothing is as good as your natural teeth, but dental implants can come close. Implants have been used for many years to replace missing teeth. The base of an implant is a screw made of titanium and other materials that are secured to the jaw bone. A dental crown takes the place of a natural tooth and is secured to the top of the implant. Dr. Richard Lam’s highly trained and compassionate team at Refine Dentistry may provide you with a dental solution that will change your life forever.