Here at the Kadri dental clinic, we welcome everyone positively and offer our patients a secure and friendly environment. We work hard to help our patients by providing smart medical treatments and quick home remedies in case a visit to the clinic is not possible. Everyone knows that sometimes emergencies occur so quickly that nobody can find proper solutions.

There was a time when COVID-19 outreached and medical facilities were forced to shut down and reduce the number of patients to prevent Coronavirus. Many patients were impacted adversely as they did not receive proper oral care. Therefore, we decided to serve our patients in every possible way. We have brought some home remedies for our patients so they can get benefit from emergency dental care.

Below are some emergencies and their treatment in case any individual cannot visit the clinic right away.


Teeth pain was never a good sign neither it is now, pain in teeth might be an indicator of numerous problems, which include toothache and tooth decay. Our patients should know that toothache can be treated at home in certain cases. If you are feeling a problem like this, you should not apply traditional techniques, including aspirins or painkillers. These tablets may contact your jaw and result in burning your tissues. The smart thing to do is apply a cold compress to the outer side of your cheek.


If you chew hard candies or try to bite ice at the house, you might end up in severe pain. The pain might be due to broken or chipped teeth, nothing is worst in this world than chipped or broken teeth. If you are suffering from the same situation, immediately rinse your mouth with warm water and place a piece of gauze on the impacted area.

Then apply a cold compress to the nearest area of the chipped or broken tooth to reduce the pain and swelling. If you think the technique is not doing any good, you can coordinate with us. We are available and happy to help you anytime.


Treatment for chipped and broken teeth is the same for a knocked-out tooth. Pick the tooth up by the crown and start rinsing it with warm water if the area is dirty. Moreover, do not try to remove or scrub the tissue fragments. If you are trying to put your teeth back in the socket, do not try hard, it will cause pain. If you cannot reinstall your tooth, place it into milk or water. It will stay in its original decision and our dentist could easily place it again without any problems.


Fillings help bring back teeth to the normal position. When filling breaks, you need to apply precautionary measures to avoid further damage. Place your filling in a zip-zap bag and carry bring it to us. So we can examine the situation and reply to it back into your teeth.