Dentistry has evolved over time and now dental procedures are on another level. These days’ modern techniques of dental treatment have been introduced and we are well aware of that. We at kadridental clinic have highly skilled and experienced professionals who are ready to offer a wide range of treatments from dental cleaning to adjustment of your teeth in a straightway. Our expertise includes teeth cleaning, dental implant, cosmetic dentistry, Clear Aligners as well.


Clear aligners are orthodontic devices that are transparent plastic, a form of braces that use the adjust teeth position. Over time, technology has revolutionized and so has the dentistry department. Dental treatment is now more advanced and highly sophisticated. Today clear aligners are available in their most moderate form as compare to the past.

Clear aligners are special as they can be removed quite easily while eating or talking to anyone. We suggest these to every patient who has issues in their teeth position. There are multiple reasons we suggest our patients use clear aligners to straighten their teeth. The aligners are comfortable as compare to metal braces. Moreover, our skilled dentists will advise you for dental checkups to see the difference in your teeth’ position. Our aligners treatment consists of series of checkups. The check-up duration might go up to Nine months. Clear Aligners are the best solution for over lovely customers who don’t want to wear the metal braces but still want to straighten their teeth.


Our skilled and professional medical staff is experienced enough to offer flawless medical treatment. We suggest clear aligners to our patients as aligners make your teeth straight. Once your teeth are straight, you will feel a lot better and start enjoying your smile. Moreover, once our skilled dentist will fix aligners in your teeth, you will experience fewer bacteria due to the filled gap between your teeth. If you maintain your oral hygiene the risk of tooth decay will be lower. Additionally, you will stay safe from periodontal diseases and you will have better support from your gums. Once you have aligners, you will get rid of many diseases which include chipped teeth, breaking of the tooth.


Kadridental clinic cares for its patients and always strives hard to offer reliable medical treatment. Our skilled dentists have worked day and night to find smart dental solutions. When it comes to teeth aligning, we suggested our patients go for aligners as compared to teeth metal braces because of multiple reasons. The main reason for using aligners is that aligners free you from the worry of how your mouth will look when you stand in a gathering. Aligners are almost invisible as they are plastic transparent devices. Therefore, nobody could judge easily that you are using clear aligners in your teeth. However, you have metal braces, everyone can clearly see it. Aligners are removable easily and you do not have to worry about extra maintenance of doctor visits.