Kadridental clinic is on a mission to spread the message of maintaining oral health. Here we are striving hard to provide the best medical treatment and suggestions which are necessary for our beloved patients. We have multiple treatment facilities and skilled dentists in every department. We also advise our customers to maintain oral health by regular brushing and flossing. No matters if you are a teenager or an adult, you must know that teeth cleaning is compulsory or else plaque and bacteria will get into your teeth and you will face a lot of difficulties. We have experienced professional dentists who perform this simple and painless treatment to offer our customers a bright and shiny smile. Teeth cleaning is important and is suggested every six months.

Below are our teeth cleaning process explained which is done in the observation of high qualified and competent dentists.


Our medical team includes experienced and skilled hygienists. Once you enter our medical facility, we do not suggest treatment without any examination. Therefore, the first stage of the teeth whitening process includes a physical examination. The examination is compulsory to check for signs of inflamed gums. If the hygienist finds any issue, he recommends teeth cleaning.


A small mirror is used to check the exact area of the problem in the jaw. Once the issue is detected, the scaler is used by our dentist to remove the harmful tartar and bacteria. Our dentist will do a bit of scrapping to remove the bacteria inside your mouth. Our patients should know that regular brushing can help in reducing the plaque building and turning it into hard tartar.


Once your teeth cleaning process is performed, our hygienist will use a high-powered electric brush that makes a grinding noise. The purpose is to deep clean your teeth and makes sure that no tartar is left behind. Several kinds of toothpaste are available for teeth cleaning but many of them smell like regular toothpaste. Therefore, you can choose the flavors as per your requirements. Moreover, you should not use the gritty brush at home as it might damage your enamel and you will end up badly. Always call us if you need teeth cleaning, we will do it perfectly to make sure that you have clean teeth and a shiny smile.


Whether you do regular flossing at home or not but nothing beats flossing done by our medical experts at the kadridental clinic. Our dentist does more than just regular flossing. They dig deep into the teeth’ surface to find the hidden tartar and bacteria. If you are doing flossing at home, it’s good. Do visit your dentist every six months for detailed teeth clearing and stay safe to enjoy a shiny smile.

Our treatment processes are always modern and painless. Moreover, you must know that teeth cleaning requires regular rinsing with water. We always suggest our customers do rinsing with a fluoride liquid. After all, we are here to help our customers to get rid of dental issues presently.