Oral care is important for every age group, no matter if you are a teenager or above 40 adults you should take care of your oral health. If we do not brush and floss our teeth properly, we might end up in trouble. Lack of proper oral care can cause many issues such as cavities, bleeding from gums, swelling, or cracked teeth. What happens if your tooth is cracked and you have an emergency meeting or a wedding to attend?

Would any dentist be able to fix the problem for you? We do not know about others but we can do it for you. We have highly skilled dentists who are experts in providing emergency treatments in a relaxed environment. This emergency treatment is called the same-day crown. There was a time when a patient has to come multiple times to the clinic for a dental crown.

Those days are long gone, now technology is more advanced and you can get instant treatment for a chipped tooth, which is called the same-day crown. The treatment is simple and painless; it offers many advantages, which are mentioned below


A repaired teeth in the same day is advantageous but it has further advantages which are mentioned below:


A broken tooth adversely affects appearance and smile moreover, it affects our speech patterns and eating habits as well. Therefore, restoration of all the above functions is necessary and we are happy to inform you that we can do it for you. Our experienced dentist will perform a simple and painless process that will help you to restore the chewing, biting, and speaking functions within a day. Additionally, the crown is reliable and we will ensure that you are not dealing with a weak temporary crown.


Our patients must know that a temporary crown is not an option neither it is a long-term solution. The biggest drawback of the temporary crown is that these crowns lose quickly. Moreover, the sudden loss of the crown might injure neighbouring teeth. We care for our patients more than anything does and we know what the best solution is.

Therefore, we suggest a same-day crown to everyone who walks over. Our experienced dentist performs the same-day crown in such a way that it requires less drilling and proves to be the best solution for the long term.


These days technology can do anything and so as the dentists can. Thankfully, the advancement in technology enables the dentist to use CAD/CAM feature and creates a perfect crown fit for the patients. However, initially, our dentist takes a high digital impression of the impacted area to prepare an accurate crown, which might not cause any problems in the future.


We are well aware of the fact that our patients work hard to earn life hood. Therefore, we always suggest the most friendly and cost-effective oral treatments. Our same-day crown is also a simple treatment, which is cost-effective and does not require multiple clinic visits.